Traders Link International

We are Traders of different Resin , chemical related to plastic industries tire scraps, plastic recycle scraps etc
Ethanol Methanol PE HDPE PVC PP etc
Beside the above items we are also dealing in following items like Wheat Rice, Corn/Maize Barely Urea Fertilizers DAP Crude Oil Petroleum and Petroleum Products, Papers and Duplex Board, Paper Waste Sulphur/Sulfur Clinker Cement
Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Mineral Ores
Người liên hệ: Mr. Khalid Umar
Chức vụ: CEO
Mobi: 0923232007387
Điện thoại: +922136806732 - Fax:
Địa chỉ: A-205, 2nd Floor, Sana Terrace, Near Shoe Market, Nishter Road
Quốc gia: Pakistan
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